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Brake Service

We at Nationwide Discount Mufflers & Brakes, have high standards when it comes to the services we provide to our patrons. We want you to feel good about coming to us. Our staff is courteous and friendly, and our technicians love what they do. We encourage a positive environment. We have a commitment to provide outstanding services to every person who comes through our doors, calls us, or contacts us through our website at We are also committed to providing value to our clients. We keep prices affordable, but not at the expense of the quality work that you get from coming to us.


As our name implies, we provide brake service but also do so much more. In fact, if your vehicle needs any kind of repair done, we are the shop to contact. No matter how large or small your repair issues are, you'll get the same great services from us. We always like to stress the importance of caring for your brakes. If you notice your brakes squealing, it's a sign that you need brake service and should come in for repair as soon as possible. You should also be able to see at least 1/4 inch of your brake pads when you look; less than that means you need new pads. Let us install them quickly and economically.


It can get pretty hot in South Fulton, GA, Forest Park, Atlanta and other areas of the state. It can also get kind of chilly in these areas. Having AC or heat in your vehicle can make things a lot more pleasant as you drive. If your AC and heating aren't working as it should be, we can help. We'll have you driving around in comfort once you get your AC and heating back on track.


Trust us with all your car and truck repair needs. We're the honest car repair shop you need.

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