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Computer Engine Diagnosis

There was a time when figuring out what was wrong with your car was pretty easy. You could open the hood, look inside, and see exactly what was going on. Working on our vehicles was pretty easy as well. There was far less going on under the hood than there is now. These days, when you open the hood, it's pretty jam-packed. Back when the vehicles were easier to figure out, vehicles didn't rely on technology, such as computers, as much as they do now either. While vehicles have come a long way, and the advances have been great, they have made diagnosing problems a bit more difficult. These days you need computer engine diagnostics. One thing to remember about computer engine diagnostics is, the repair shop you go to has to have the best and latest technology in order to diagnose your problems in a timely manner. We are the shop in College Park, GA, South Fulton, Forest Park, and several areas of Georgia, that has the very best diagnostic tools in the area.


We are Nationwide Discount Mufflers & Brakes and we would be happy to diagnose and repair any issues that your vehicle has. In addition to engine, muffler, brake and other types of repairs, we also offer tire & wheel service. We always encourage our clients to pay attention to their tires. Not having good tires can lead to your vehicle not handling pressure well, blowouts on the road, and poor gas mileage. A vehicle that is not aligned properly can cause it to pull to one side and have uneven tire wear. Uneven tire wear means that you'll need new tires much sooner than you would have otherwise. Visit us whenever you need tire & wheel service.


We treat our customers like family. Come to us with all your repair needs; you won't be disappointed. Call us today, or visit our website at

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