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Suspension Shocks and Struts

In Forest Park, GA, Atlanta, College Park and the surrounding areas, where do the intelligent car and truck owners bring their vehicles for suspension, shocks, and struts? They come to Nationwide Discount Mufflers & Brakes. Our name only tells a small part of our story. We definitely work on brakes and mufflers, and we most definitely have discounted prices, but we're so much more than that. We help to keep you riding in comfort by diagnosing, repairing and replacing parts that make your ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Your suspension, shocks, and struts are all important components for your comfort.


Your air conditioning and heater are also important. If you've ever taken a sweltering hot ride under a 90-degree sun, you know how much you need that air conditioner to be working. We can diagnose and fix whatever is causing your air conditioner or heater to fail. We'll get the job done fast and soon you'll be riding in comfort again.


As you can see from our website,, we do almost all kinds of repairs that you might need. We also do routine maintenance to ensure that your car stays on the road longer and that it runs at its best. Bring your vehicle to us for factory maintenance oil changes. If you have a warranty, keeping up with these factory maintenance oil changes is a must. If you're a corporate client, we can work on your entire fleet in order to keep them running when you need them.


We have an excellent team of ASE certified technicians that are standing by. They are happy to answer all your questions, to run diagnostics on your vehicle, and to get it promptly repaired. They work hard to give you the service you deserve, at a price that you'll love. Visit us today!

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